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People I would like to invite for dinner (Essay Sample)


Of all the people in the world whom would you invite to dinner? this paper explains some of the people dead or alive that i would wish to invite for dinner in my house


Of all the people in the world whom would you invite to dinner?
Solomon Ong’au
Academic experts
People I would like to invite for dinner
What person would I like to have dinner with? This is a question that everybody, at one point asks him or herself. This in the real sense is a theoretical question because most of the people do not have the essential social standards, or the person in mind is already dead, but the fact remains that imagination does not have a boundary and, if one is very good at it, one can come with the real thing. This being said, if I have the opportunity to have a dinner with a person, there are three people that I would choose. These three people do inspire my life since they all deal with real life matters. The three people that I would wish to have dinner with would be Lauren Hill, Mitch Hedberg (deceased comedian), and Marshall Mathers. This paper will explain the reasons why I would choose to invite these three people for dinner.The first person I would wish to invite for dinner is Lauren Hill. Lauren Hill was born in May 26th 1975 in South Orange, New Jersey (Greene, 2000). Lauren is one of my favorite musicians but that is not the sole thing that makes her qualify as the person I would wish to have dinner with. I think she is an amazing writer whereby she has written one of my favorite songs called "War in the Mind." In this song, she talks about the real problems that people go through every day in their life. She is very original in the sense that she creates most of her songs from what is going on. She is known as the mother of hip hop has she has successfully integrated rap, reggae, and soul. Her music is inspirational authentic. If I had the prospect to sit down with her, I would ask her where she gets her inspiration for her materials from and how important it is ...
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