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Interpersonal Relationship Social Media Some Cases (Essay Sample)




Interpersonal Relationship
Interpersonal Relationship
The primary purpose of this paper to discuss whether social media hinder interpersonal relationships. In line with the above question in my own point of view, as a writer of this article, I feel that social media does hinder the interpersonal relationships. In this paper, the writer is going to present the gathered evidence upon which he uses to make the judgment that indeed social media hinder interpersonal relationship. Additionally, the writer also discovered that social media not only hinders interpersonal relationship but also it improves the relationship in some cases.
To understand whether social media hinders interpersonal relationship on has to evaluate both the negative and positive sides of the social media. In some cases, it has been cited that social media improves the social relationship if only it used appropriately. However, social media has also negative effects that it brings to us when it’s carelessly utilized. To understand the aforementioned scenarios this article will bring an insight of both effects and finally provide a conclusion.
How social media creates a gap between real interaction and personal communication between people hence causing hindrance to the interpersonal relationships. To bring an insight of this the writer decided to come up with one premise;
Premise 1: Social media promotes business and helps in connecting friends and family members. Although, when used excessively it hinders the interpersonal relationships.
Conclusion: Impact of social media is the hindrance due to it’s over usage and the disconnection between personal relationships among human beings.
Support of the Writer Argument
In line with the journal of the electronic commerce and digital relationships there exist various types of the social media websites comprising of both implicit and explicit relationships. The users of these sites have higher chances of interacting with one another as minded people of the social media. The users have discovered a common environment where they interact. However, it’s argued that the over usage of such websites possess dangerous effect to the human psyche. Therefore, absence of personal communication that has been led due to the emergence of virtual world without reality is actually destroying the interpersonal relationship that used to exists
The Counter Argument
Arguably, social media is believed to provide a platform where people can freely interact from different parts of the globe. Traders are able to negotiate their deals with other business p...
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