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Personal Statement on Education Degree (Essay Sample)


Graduate School of Education Please provide a 500-word Personal Statement of your Career Goals and Objectives


Personal Statement on Education Degree
Student’s Name
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Personal Statement on Education Degree
When I joined the University of (University attended) for my undergraduate program about five years ago, I did not think that I would one day want to be a teacher or divert my career to the education field. However, my interest in education started one-year and a half ago after I attended a basic training program in real estate where I currently work. The program was delivered by graduates from Michigan State University as part of in-service training. I was amazed by the training and it changed my perception of education altogether as well as the course of my life. Despite that they were young, those graduates presented and showcased the highest level of vigor in the content that they delivered as well as impressive teaching expertise that made me think about joining the career. I was surprised by the unique teaching methodologies that demonstrated their competence and mastery of the content. From there on, I knew that education represents my future and it is a field that I can be in to satisfy my personal development goals.
Currently, I work in real estate as a real estate agent. Having worked in this field for more than three years have impacted me in different ways, which I believe will still influence my education career. Through this career, I have interacted with a wide range of professionals from the education field and other sectors, but I must say that I have never been amazed by any other professional like the education experts I have interacted with in the last three years. In my undergraduate study, I majored in biology and psychology as a minor. In my real estate career, I have acquired insightful experiences that I believe will strengthen my ambitions of becoming an elementary and middle school teacher.
The reason why I am applying for a slot at the university (name of the university you apply to) is that it is a prominent institution with an irrefutable good reputation in education compared to its counterparts in this field. I am specifically attracted by the institution’s powerful and unlimited pedagogical resources, which I believe will provide me with a vibrant intellectual and learning atmosphere to acquire skills that will propel my career and personal goals and objectives. I, therefore, plan to apply for an elementary degree program that will enable me to teach English and Mathematics in elementary/middle school. My motive for a

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