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Private Security Agency Creative Writing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


PDR-221447 Private Security Agency Must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The essay must be based on reading assignments and other outside sources. The essay must be typed, double spaced format with #12 point font and APA format which includes proper referencing (author, title, and page number of referenced material). Students must properly cite any quoted material. No term paper, essay, or assignment may have no more than 20% of its content quoted from another source. Students who need assistance in learning to paraphrase should ask the instructor for guidance and consult the links at the Troy Writing Center. Refer to section titled, “Honesty and Plagiarism.” The essay can be submitted within the assessments/assignments tab titled “Essay” (attachment will be in .doc or .docx format). My course is Private and Public security Administration. 10 pages, APA


Private Security Agency
[Student’s Name]
[Institutional Affiliation]
It will be quite difficult for U.S., if there is a sudden attack on Washington, D.C. The government, the officials, the military personnel, the helping agencies and the people will be unaware of this attack, and hence, will find it difficult to overcome such a major threat on the entire city. Further, it will be very much difficult for the local, the State, and the Federal government to handle such situations.
DHS and FEMA need to consider an integrated approach that will help them to address the emergencies, disasters, and terrorist events. The programs should be so designed that, it will deliver coordinated and easy assistance to any of the events. It would be very much important for them to deliver the reliable and right information at the right time to all the people. In order to ensure every mission success FEMA and the general people need to work together in a collaborative fashion. It is very important for them to install trust, confidence, and high performance spirit amongst themselves. All the ethical principles and other doctrines need to be well-communicated to all the employees who are working in this organization. They need to be trained in such a way that, they will always focus upon the people, and will work for result-oriented deliveries.

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