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Scars Worth a Thousand Words (Essay Sample)


This creative writing sample tells the story of a refugee trying to escape the war of independence in Mali in 1960. The protagonist and his fellow travelers pay a high price to a treacherous transporter for a "first-class" shuttle service to Spain. The journey is arduous and uncomfortable, but the protagonist ultimately makes it to the port, where he and his companions must climb a barbed wire fence to escape the border police and board a boat to Spain. The story concludes with the protagonist reflecting on the scars on his arms, which he earned during the journey, and realizing that they were worth it because they enabled him to give his son the opportunity to attend university in Spain. The piece is written in a descriptive and evocative style, painting a vivid picture of the protagonist's journey and the emotional toll it takes on him.


Creative Writing: Scars Worth a Thousand Words
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“Fifty Thousand Francs for the trip, no negotiation!” claimed the transporter operating a ‘first-class’ shuttle service for illegal immigrants to Spain from Mali. The price is obviously exploitative for us, refugees, seeking to escape the 1960 war of independence in Mali. I get the urge to try to haggle the price, but his visage, composed of sixty per cent scars and forty per cent skin plus red bulging eyes, was enough to terrorize anyone who would dare say otherwise. Reluctantly, I accept the terms of conditions of the treacherous transporter, in the name of a safer destination.
Looking around, I observed 5 women in 

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