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The United States of Africa Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


The United States of Africa


The United States of Africa
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The United States of Africa
No, it is not reasonable to create the United States of Africa. Primarily, Africa consists of various states that have different sets of administration. Research suggests that some countries do not elect their leaders since they follow a monarchy set of government headed by the King (Kieron Monks, for CNN, 2016). Some of these nations include Swaziland and Lesotho. Additionally, it is not practical to create a United States of Africa because some African leaders are not willing to relinquish power even attaining their retirement age while in office (Olaosebikan, 2011). Some of these leaders include President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda. Arguably, it is not plausible to create a United States of Africa due to conflicts, cultural customs, selfish motives, ethnic differences, and corruption.
According to research, selfish motives are the primary factors, which hinder development in most countries in Africa. For example, two years ago, South Sudan became the newest self-governing nation in the world after seceding from Sudan. The main reason for the breakaway was the fact that the Dinka community felt neglected and unincorporated in most of the decisions that President Omar El Bashir made (Kieron Monks, for CNN, 2016). For that reason, conflicts between the Nuer and the Dinka began, thus, leading to war. Therefore, based on the reasons mentioned above, it is evident that it is not sensible to create a United States of Africa since some leaders only want to give the best positions in government to people, who hail from his/her community.
Additionally, it is not plausible to form a United States of Africa because some countries aim to preserve their cultural heritage from assimilation by other emerging cultures. For example, in Kenya, the Maasai community believes that God gave them all the cattle in the world and no one has the authority to take it away from them (Olaosebikan, 2011). Conversely, in Sudan, the Latuka tribe believes that when a man aspires to marry a woman, he should kidnap her, thus, prompting the senior members of his household to request the father for her hand in marriage. Consequently, because of the reasons mentioned above, it is not reasonable to create a United States of Africa since some countries still believe in the traditional customs they inherited from their ancestors.
According to statistics, there are approximately 2000 languages spoken in Africa (Olaosebikan, 2011). Primarily, language barriers can lead to the escalation of ethnic wars in a country. For example, in Rwanda, the difference between the Hutu and Tutsi communities led to the rise of the Rwanda genocide of 1994 (“Rwanda: 100 days of slaughter,” 2014). Moreover, research suggests that corruption plays a vital role in the fall of a country’s economy. For example, although Nigeria is among the prime oil-producing nations in the world, the state does not have a proper sewage disposal system, thus, leading to the rise of numerous cases of cholera. Research suggests that the revenue obtained from oil exports does not benefit the public due to the intensified state of corruption in the country (Kazeem, 2017). Therefore, it is not pos...
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