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Would Your Five-Year-Old Self Would Still Be Satisfied With The Path You Choose In Life (Essay Sample)


Would your five-year-old self would still be satisfied with the path you choose in life


Personal Essay
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Personal Essay
Since my childhood, I have always been driven by curiosity and the urge to discover new things. My eyes have always been set onto the aviation industry and everything related to airplanes. My life’s principle has always been based on a quote that says "never stop questioning". I have always been fascinated by brilliant minds and intellectual giants such as Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein and their ability to think uniquely and solve problems in an intelligent and creative manner. My ambition has always been to become a pilot or an air, traffic controller. My passion stems from the way the airplanes have evolved over the number of years. The development has grown from simple kites, gliders, airships, helicopters and lastly commercial airplanes.
At a very tender age of about five years old I had gathered a lot of facts about Airplanes and how the aviation industry works. Some interesting facts that I knew were that some aircrafts had the supersonic speed that meant they could travel faster than the speed of sound. My curiosity has evolved over time, and as I have become engrossed in more school activities, I developed different interests in the computing field. My fascination with airplanes still exists, but my childhood dreams have slightly changed. My divergent views and change of heart comes from my interaction with computers somewhere around the fifth grade. My dad had a personal computer and watching him doing interesting tasks on his computer made me curious. Eventually, my curiosity grew, and I wanted to explore the computing world. My dad seeing my fascination decided to give me some part time training after he finished his personal projects. I learnt how to type documents, create emails and perform simple computer related tasks. My dad introduced me to programming at the age of 10. I learnt all the concepts to do with developing simple applications in C programming language and by the time I was celebrating my 11th birthday I was well versed in all the aspects of programming. My father seeing my enthusiasm decided to pay for some website development boot camp where I started developing websites.
The boot camp only took two weeks but by the end of it all I learnt all the necessary skills to take me to the next level of expertise. I later...
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