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A Description Of The Structure Of Two Large Buildings In Russia (Essay Sample)


To describe the structure of two large buildings in Russia built by two different designers and explaining what makes each building unique.

Architectural Description Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Catherine Palace is one of the largest buildings in St. Petersburg Russia designed by the German architect Johann-Friedrich Braunstein in 1717. The building is located in Pushkin town, southeast of the city. It is a three-story building built in the baroque style, and one of its outstanding features is the length; 325-meters long (Ermann, 2015). The outer side of the building is excessively lavish. Golden statues stand on the roof of the building. The stucco façade is painted blue and white, and the structural supports are made in the shape of male and female bodies. The interior of the building is fascinating, and it is painted using the Rococo style. The great hall forms the full width of the palace, and it contains tall arched windows. The ceiling of the palace is covered with fresco. The dining room forms the second half of the building, and it has blue and white wallpaper with a painted ceiling. The immediate surroundings of the building are the Hermitage Pavilion which serves as entertainment for guests. Initially, Catherine Palace’s exterior was made of 200 pounds of Gold, but renovations have made the entire outlook golden. Saint Isaacs’s Cathedral is the largest Russian cathedral in the city of St. Petersburg designed by Auguste de Montferrand in 1858. The building is located in Saint Isaac’s Square and is designed in the ancient Greek style. It has a height of 101 meters, and the building has...
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