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One-On-One Model: Why It Would Be Best Suited For This Digital Age (Essay Sample)


The task involved identifying a model to be recommended for this modern age. the paper identifies this model, provides the advantages and why it would be best suited for this digital age.

One-on-One Model (Home-school –Tutor) Student Name Institution One-on-One Model (Home-school –Tutor) The One-on-One model is the best education model for the school. The model creates an individualized teaching program where the teacher is assigned a class size of one. The student receives undivided attention from the teacher. The student is able to ask for guidance and clarification on contentious issues related to the subject at hand. Furthermore, the method of delivery is individualized. Each student has unique needs (Bogdan, 2006). They have different rates of understanding concepts. Therefore, the tutor is able to identify a particular student’s needs, and his/her abilities. Knowing this helps the tutor integrate the best method of instruction to help the student grasp the principles easily. The model is student-driven. The instructor is committed to hearing the student and providing feedback. The instructor is more of a mentor in this case than the usual administrator (Falchikov, 2013). The student determines the pace of the instruction. The teacher will only proceed to the next concept if the student has thorough knowledge of the concept at hand. To test the student’s proficiency, the teacher administers random assignments, and/or questions. These are cumulatively compiled to given the final mark of the student. Whether a student passes or fails a class is dependent on his/her final mark (Hossain, 2016). Therefore, the model ensures the student has thorough knowledge of the subject before proceeding to the next class. However, the model is cost-effective for schools. It requires extensive professionals to cater for each student in the school. In this model, the teacher-to-student ratio is 1:1. Considering the number of students in the school, it is going to require massive hiring to run the program in the school. Even if each student is allocated precise times with a teacher, it would take more time to address all the principles for each student to complete the course. However, an appreciable number of teachers can be employed by the school. Each teacher will be assigned a given set of students, for example 10 students. The teacher is expected to conduct the one-to-one instruction with each student on a given day. Through this, the model can address the students’ proficiency at a much reduced cost compared to the 1:1 teacher-student ratio. The instructional methods used in this model include the use of video, audiobooks, software and even direct instruction (Bogdan, 2006). Direct instruction would involve telling the student the way forward on a given question, what is expected of him/her and how to go about the question. For example, in a mathematical question, the teacher will explain a step-by-step analogy of the question, only leaving the student to do the calculations and give the final result. The audiobooks and videos provide a real experience of the principles being taught. Students are more likely to understand a concept better when they see a person do it or even a real-world application of the conce...
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