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Assessing the Information to Combat the Spread of False News (Essay Sample)


Find at least 2 examples of research being misunderstood or misrepresented on social media, online news, or print news. Write an essay in which you point out the flaws in the way people are interpreting / representing the research you've found. You might find it useful to begin with a brief summary of the research, then explain how it is being misunderstood / misrepresented. Feel free to incorporate suggestions you receive from your classmates on your discussion post about this topic to help deepen your essay.
For full credit, be sure to use research terminology we've covered in this class (look back at the lecture notes, readings, the info from the WWC, and your earlier critical analyses for guidance about what sort of research concepts/terminology you might incorporate.


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Fake news gives them false information. False tales may injure or ruin individuals by convincing them to think something inaccurate about someone. Such accusations may harm a person's reputation, job, and relationships. People who believe fake news may disseminate it further. Medical fake news may mislead and risk persons with significant medical conditions. False information regarding treatments and therapies may threaten the people. People will have trouble trusting news if false news persists because fake news is harder to spot. Studies show that many Americans can't spot fake news. It may confuse crucial social and political problems since no one can discern fake from factual information.

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