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Caffeine effects on cognitive functions Education Essay (Essay Sample)




Caffeine effects on cognitive functions
Caffeine is among the most consumed foods and supplements worldwide. Coffee is the standard form of caffeine widely consumed, although caffeine is in many foods, drugs, and beverages. Caffeine is a psychoactive substance commonly consumed in many drinks. There is a range of benefits and risks of caffeine on cognitive function, but overconsumption presents more risk than mental activity benefits. (McLellan, Caldwell, and Lieberman, 2016)
Regular intake of caffeine cause sleeps disorder even when taken in low quantity. Consumption of caffeine makes a person remain alert and sleepless. To some extent, it increases blood pressure and heartbeat rate. It also increases the amount of urine the body produces. It causes nervousness, indigestion, and trouble in sleeping. The duration and quality of sleep affect hormones that regulate sleep. Most of the people who drink coffee complain of sleeplessness (Cakir, Ellek, Slehin, Hamamci, Keles, Kyla, and Dale 2017).
Caffeine is addictive when regularly used. Withdrawal from consumption, the user suffers from disorders like sleeplessness, headaches, hopelessness, lack of concentration, muscle pain, and body stiffness. Caffeine takes an average of 30 minutes to be absorbed in the digestive tract. It takes about six hours in the human body before it lasts. Being digestion track for that long can affect the gastrointestinal tract by high production of stomach acid when excessively consumed. Caffeine stimulates diarrhea that causes body dehydration and stomach upsets. (McLellan, Caldwell, and Lieberman, 2016)

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