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Reality pedagogy. Respond to the questions. Education Essay (Essay Sample)


Respond to the questions in the attached file using the given articles.


Reality Pedagogy
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Reality Pedagogy
Response One
Reality pedagogy is a learning theory that emphasizes on the need for educators such as teachers, to learn and understand the realities of their students. Furthermore, the information about the reality of the students is then used as the starting point for their treatment. One of the most significant reasons why some individuals have questioned the pedagogy is the fact that it works on the assumption that students are experts in teaching and content (Gorski, 2016). Therefore, for effective learning, there needs to be an exchange of ideas between the two groups of individuals. Increased participation of the learners is the most notable outcome of the pedagogy and is one of the most significant reasons why it's largely applied across the globe.
Response Two
The 5Cs facilitate the effective exchange of information between the teachers and students. Critically, they allow teachers and students to understand important skills and knowledge that each group might have. They include the following; cogenerative dialogue, which involves a discussion between the teachers and students about the class environment, and whether some improvements need to be considered (Gorski, 2016). 

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