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Importance of Education Education Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


the sample focused on significance of education


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Why is Education Important?
Almost every person passes through the education system in the current world. In the years of 1800s, parents taught their children to read, and only 10% of colonial children went to school (Urban et al., 2009). Textbooks were introduced after some time to standardize pronunciation and spellings. Since then, education has played a significant role through the gain of knowledge, career choices and character of citizenship. The paper will analyze the significance of education in the contemporary world.
Through education, an individual can gains knowledge. When people have ideas, they can transform it into something better (Esenowo & Lounasmaa, 2019). A person will have a particular perspective of tackling various issues in life. Additionally, an individual will build opinions. If each person has different views and they bring them together, they can decide on the best alternative. For an instant, the building knowledge learnt in books can be applied in the construction of bridges and buildings.

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