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Michael Bloomberg And New York Teacher's Union Education Essay (Essay Sample)


The task was about the relationship between Michael BLOOMBERG and the new York teachers union. In this sample, important facts and agreements are outlined to assess this relationship


Michael Bloomberg Vs. New York Teachers’ Union
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In the year 2010, New York City had to receive a financial benefit of $250 million and an additional $200 million in grants if the agreement had reached to a new method. However, as the deadline approached on 17th January, there was disagreement between the teachers’ union at Bloomberg and New York. The essay will outline the four steps used in the process of integrative negotiation, and later conducting analysis using these steps, which will be significant in my design of negotiation strategy. These steps include; separate parties’ dispute, focusing on the interest rather than positions, mutually beneficial options for both parties, and setting objectives. The purpose of this essay is to recommend a new strategy that incorporates integrative negotiation to help achieve a win-win strategy for both parties.
The first step is to separate the teachers’ union between Michael Bloomberg and New York from the problem. It is essential to define and understand the problem for a robust integrative outcome. As a top negotiator, you should carefully avoid identifying any of the parties with the problem and not develop any positions with the parties. The negotiator should try the best to ignore the personality differences and also should be sure to focus the issue at hand by being aware of communication, perception, and emotion as the factors. According to Åge and Eklinder-Frick (2017), the top negotiator should have an opinion that is in a better place to compromise solution for both parties.
Additionally, you should be in a position to acknowledge and examine your emotions and try asking yourself, why you are feeling the way you do. The negotiator should also remain calm in the process of negotiations, as this will help in making the decision. Finally, communication should be clear and precise to avoid misunderstandings between the negotiator and the parties.

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