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Canberra city as a sustainable city Education Essay (Essay Sample)


the paper was looking at various factors that have contributed to environmental sustainability in canberra city


Environmental sustainability in Canberra city
Canberra city is Australia’s unique city, surrounded by forests, mountains, rivers, grassland and lakes. Above 70 per cent of the Australian Capital Territory is open space. Canberra is not alleged as an ordinary city because of the beginning was based on strategic garden city. The natural environment makes residents proud of the surrounding landscape, and the authority works hard to ensure sustainability management (Newman, 1999). With the natural environment, the Australian Capital Territory government is aiming at maintaining native vegetation, landscape and animals while creating sustainable management. Wide range of education programs, initiatives and incentives have been introduced to ensure sustainability is achieved in the city (Moriarty, 2002). In this essay, the focus is on how the Canberra city has put in place measures to yield sustainable energy, water conservation, increase in waste recycle and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to achieve sustainability.
Australian Capital Territory’s waste management strategy of 2011 to 2025 frames a series of plans to produce the most effective resource reclamation targets in Canberra. The Australian capital government established a carbon neutral waste sector which helps in recycling and reuse of waste materials. Reducing waste helped in improving the goal to limit greenhouse gas emissions and meeting Canberra’s goal of being Carbon neutral by 2050 (Hu, 2015). The Government aimed recovery of resources up to 90 per cent through initiatives such as recycling infrastructure expansion such as public recycle bins and green shed, methane capture at the landfill, as well as waste management campaigns. An application to help people to track garbage collection dates and useful guidelines on waste disposal and recycle was introduced. It made it easy for the population to track down waste management guidelines.

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