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Classroom Observation & Interview Writing Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Course / Class Educational Technology 
Academic Level Undergraduate
Paper language English US
Number of sources 2-3
Paper Format / Citation Style APA
Deadline Date April 03 2015 / 22:00 Hrs
Paper Topic Classroom Observation & Interview
Type of paper Essay
Number of Pages 2 (600 words)
In a Microsoft Word document, describe the technology that was used by the teacher and the reasons why this technology was used. 
Include the following information:
How did the students receive the technology? 
Was it effective in achieving instructional goals and objectives of the lesson?
Find out from the teacher
a) how the lesson was developed
b) how and why the technology was selected
c) how effective the teacher thought the lesson was with technology and how effective it would have been without technology
And, d) how does the teacher evaluate technology e) how often is technology used f) does the teacher match developmental levels of students with technology


Classroom Observation & Interview
The teacher used as the technology to teach his preschool pupils. This is a very good educational technology because it helps the small children with fundamentals of learning including phonics, reading, shapes, and basic math. The technology is broken down into four major sections; ‘ABC’s, Learn to Read, It’s Fun to Read, and I’m Reading’ (Starfall Education, 2014). These stages of learning are progressive with the preschool children starting with the ABC’s and progressing to the others. The teacher preferred the tool because it is powerful in engaging the pupils for many hours in learning without getting bored or losing concentration.
The children were very happy with the education tool. They were pleased and interested with the sound and animation that engages them in the educational content. They were also encouraged with the easy to navigate system that helped them interact freely with the learned contents. They were pleased that they did not require much help to move over the sections since they could easily and safely do it alone (Lewis, 2015). The teacher managed to achieve his instructional goals and objectives of the lesson using the technology. The lesson was about learning new words and he wanted the students to learn how to pronounce the new words and understand their meanings. With the sound played, it was easy for the children to learn the words. Further, has illustrations, shapes, and objects that make it easy to learn new words.
From the teacher, it is evident that the lesson was effectively developed. After the new words to learn were written on the board, the teacher first required the children to pronounce them and give meanings to the words. This was meant to determine whether the children were aware of the words. This was followed with the use of technology to make the learning of the words easier. There were sounds played to aid in the pronunciation and objects/ illustrations to aid in the meanings (Lewis, 2015). By the end of the lesson, it was clear to the pupils what each word meant and how it was pronounced. The teacher gave a quick oral quiz to determine the level of understanding. He concluded that the lesson was effective. was selected in this case because it is engaging and makes the learning process easier. It is evident that young children lose concentration shortly after a lesson starts unless the lesson is engaging. In order to prevent this, the teacher opted for He also found it appropriate because of the animations, illustrations, and sounds played. This not only engages the children but also help them in the learning process. The illustrations and animations help in the definition and meaning of the learned terms/ words while the sound helps in the pronunciation (Starfall Education, 2014). The teacher had used the same technology for an earlier class and it was effective so he thought it would be effective in this case as well.
According to the teacher, the lesson was very effective with technology. Th...
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