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Describe Is It Ethical To Sentence Juveniles As Adults? (Essay Sample)


write an essay on this topic apa style 1 page "Is it ethical to sentence juveniles as adults?"


"Is it ethical to sentence juveniles as adults?"
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"Is it ethical to sentence juveniles as adults?"
It is true that crime rates of juveniles have increased for the recent decades and this has made the public courts concerning law building to come up with juvenile laws in response to the demand of the public. As a result of this, the court made the rules governing juveniles so that as the offenders they should be treated similarly to the sentence of adults. The main aim of writing this paper is to discuss why it is ethical to sentence juveniles as adults.
According to (Griffin, 2003 ), many states have come up with courts that can sentence juveniles between the age of 12 to 16 years while other countries have neglected any minimum age. Addition, other states have increased the number of adult’s courts to accommodate the rate of juvenile offenders. It has also given room to judges to be in a position to transfer the juvenile offenders to adult courts for the sentence from the trials. The transfer depends on the seriousness of the crimes committed. Nowadays the laws regarding the juvenile genuinely remain to be punitive. Based on the recent records it is proved that most of the juvenile offenses are tried as adults each year. Due to this most of the juveniles are not guaranteed under the juvenile jurisdictions regarding the age or even the crime committed under the state of law.
Various policy makers rely on any deterrence theory as a basis for programs accorded to the sentence involving the juveniles. According to the deterrence theory, it illustrates that the sort of harsh punishment given deters any commission of crimes. The sentence given to an offender should not encourage committing crimes of any kind regarding specific deterrence theory (Kurlychek, & Johnson, 2010). The assumption on a model choice of decision making is rational since crime committed having its rewards as well as risks. When this is in place, the offenders should avoid any atrocities they are subjected to determine in any given situation.
According to (Myers, 2005), discovered that juveniles are not aware that they are tried the same way as adults, but if they realize such a condition then they should not commit a crime. The youths should just be put in the sentence similar to adults because the laws govern all the citizens of a given state despite the type of offense committed or age of an individual. If the juvenile is treated similarly to adults, it means that rate of crime rates will decrease since there will be assign of fear to the youths because they will be a...
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