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Analysis of Killings by Andre Dubus and Famine by Xu Xi (Essay Sample)


Analysis of “Killings” by Andre Dubus and “Famine” by Xu Xi

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Analysis of “Killings” by Andre Dubus and “Famine” by Xu Xi
The story killings by Andre Dubus revolves around violence and passion as the story courses in a flat and calm tone. He drops the two acts of violence which also is dropped into the story unexpectedly and devoid of opens at a frank funeral then proceeds to Willis and Matt’s conversation on Matt's wish to kill the murderer of his son. Richard is extensively described then the first connected to Frank in a flat opening line of the proceeding paragraph “One night he beat Frank.” The story is narrated in the omniscient narrator perspective, and the reader can only see the events through Matt’s eyes. A little dialogue is included, but the authors choose to paint small details of life through vivid description. This makes the story to center around one individual, and the sense of violence remain constrained within one character (Dubus, 2010).
The famine story by Xu Xi has extensive intricacies on the psychological and emotional explanations; it portrays ambivalent thirst of independence from the insatiable control from her father. The author uses regrets to bring the mood of the story the main protagonist in the story regrets not breaking the supremacy of the parents teaching over her life she remembers that teachings of the father on what to eat. The story speaks through an individual’s eye just like in “killings “we get the whole of the story from one individual. The mood and tone of the story is mechanized by passionate regret by the narrator when she tries to leap out into the life she has always dreamt of a reality hits her “Perhaps my parents, and friends and colleagues and memor...
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