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Why Bullying Should Be Banned In Kenyan Schools (Essay Sample)


the task was to write an essay on why bullying should be be banned in Kenyan schools and the sample is bout reasons why bullying should be banned in Kenyan schools


Why bullying should be banned in Kenyan schools
Why bullying should be banned in Kenyan schools
Bullying basically entails mistreating other colleagues or forcing them to do things in favor of a given party and even canning them. Bullying is a deviant behavior among schools in Kenya. Students in Kenyan secondary schools are experiencing higher levels of bulling than the international trend. (Okwemba, 2013). This trend is worrying and therefore a cause of action required. Bullying has adverse effects to the affected students and even their parents and the school at large. Forms of bullying in Kenyan schools can be in terms of: senior students commanding the juniors to execute duties on behalf of them, molesting the junior students by beating them whenever they fail to comply with the commands given to them and even forcing the juniors to surrender their properties to the seniors.
Bullying is a deviant behavior that affects all the stakeholders in the education sector in Kenya. The stakeholders include students, parents, guardians and the government. Bullying can cripple the education sector in Kenya if not stopped since it has serious adverse effects. There are four kinds of bullying: physical bullying, social bullying, verbal bullying and cyberbullying (Buckie, 2013). In Kenyan schools, the most common types of bullying include physical, social and verbal bullying. Bullying in Kenyan schools should be totally banned because it has many adverse effects as discussed below.
To students bullying can generally lower their concentration in class work. This is because of depression experienced during molestation diverting their attention from class work. Mechanisms that explain why students perform badly under stress include “hypervigilance” (Neal, 1985). Hypervigilance is a condition that makes students panic as a result of depression. Panic therefore may hinder the affected from carrying out their ordinary duties perfectly.
Another effect of bullying to students is sickness. Sometimes the bullied may experience frequent headaches due to torture and molestation by bullies. The bullies belief to have power and control over everything and so feel superior .they therefore resort to command the juniors forcing them to execute duties on behalf of them. Sometimes they even steal the juniors belonging and an attempt to complain results to beating. This leads to injuries and feeling sickness a condition that affects students from maximum concentration when reading.
Bullying can also result to low self-esteem of students as they feel inferior to bullies. They often feel weak and fear walking and interacting with bullies. Low self-esteem may hinder the performance of students in school as they fear even expressing themselves in class and group discussions. Loneliness also can result from bullying. Students bullied normally fear interacting with bullies...
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