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Should Colleges Link Courses to Future Occupation (Essay Sample)


this is a paper that deals why colleges should not develop courses that are only linked about the future occupation.


Should all College Courses be Specifically Related to a Future Occupation?
James Collins
Oxford University
The question of whether all college courses be specifically related to a future occupation is critical to everybody. There is high demand for graduates in the society who can offer solutions to current and future challenges. On the other hand, some students feel that they are learning some courses that don’t have any relationship with their future occupation. However, the society needs holistic education systems that produce qualified graduates who are innovative and have broad global perspective. The society demands individuals who can offer new approaches to make life cheap and affordable to all people.
Key words: college courses, innovativeness, education system
Institutions of higher learning offer a range of course in which some do not relate to student’s future area of specialization. This topic has occasionally attracted debates on whether colleges should develop courses that relate with the future occupation of the learners. Some argue that there is no need for students to repeatedly learn history classes or many kinds of literature while a particular student seeks to pursue medicine in future. However, such arguments may have grave and irreversible implications on the life of the students. There is need to develop holistic students that possess contemporary life skills and have expanded views about global issues.
The idea of prioritizing future occupation can cause extensive damage to the quality of education. Today, the world faces numerous challenges both economic and social. Therefore, college education needs to ensure that college courses offer solutions to these problems. There is need to provide holistic teaching and learning to increase creativity and innovation of the learners (Levine, & Wilson, 2013).
College education system requires to include other contemporary life skills and innovativeness in life (National Research Council. 2013). Today, there is high demand for innovation of life to make it cheap and affordable. However, this cannot be achieved when the college courses are tailored to relate with the future occupation. Competitiveness is achievable at a point where education is broad and produc...
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