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Gender Identity Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Gender identity


Gender and issues related to this topic have all been frequent sources of great disagreements and debates around the world. Trends on sexuality have been changing continuously in recent years, and many people have become confident enough to declaring (and sometimes defend) their sexuality publicly due to the unhindered freedom in most parts of the world. Coyote & Spoon (2014) explain that years ago, people would not discuss gender issues openly as opposed to recent times. Individuals and human rights groups have increased their activism to force an amendment of the laws to accommodate emerging issues on sexuality. Consequently, humankind has realized the need to define gender identity and determine its roles in the study of the past.
Gender is the aspect that helps humankind to distinguish between male and female creatures, be they humans, animals, and birds among others. However, this definition of gender has come under review after the discovery of medical techniques that have enabled the alteration of male and female organs- the conversion of an individual from their masculine status into the feminine status and vice versa. Initially, most institutions such as governments and corporates only recognized the male and female gender. The emergence of trends such as gender-neutral has promoted establishments to review this provision with some embracing more than just the male and female genders.
There are several cases of gender crises that include the failure of a man to behave as one, or a woman to identify by her sexual category (Coyote & Spoon, 2014). Sometimes these people may exhibit traits expected of the opposite sex by societal stereotypes or biological teachings. For instance, masculinity is a characteristic associated with males. A girl with such features is thought to be abnormal. Gender plays a vital role in the society as it is the aspect through which tasks are assigned. Research has shown that gender is one of the primary factors that affect wages in most workplaces. Specific duties belong to various people depending on the sex of that particular person, e.g., men do the work of tilling the land whereas women attend to simple household duties in some communities. The author, however, points out that as she was growing up, the men would be gone for long periods and the women would handle all tasks regardless of the gender to the duties belonged.
The issue of gender affects all classes of people, across all races and economic divides (Coyote & Spoon, 2014). Unfortunately, many people do not like to talk about it for fear of the subsequent stigmatization. Rae and Ivan were afraid of depicting the life of queer people on their shows since they knew the move would adversely affect their sales and audiences. Individuals who have undergone a sex change are discriminated against by the society. Sensitization would play a significant role in making people aware of and accommodating to the new trends. Traditional beliefs are past due, and the society needs to accept the evolution.
Historians might benefit from gender analysis by learning about the gradual changes in the societal setup in roles, and responsibilities of the different members of the society. Past controversies have a significant influence on the current events since they develop over time. The popularity that this issue has attracted will provoke historians to think critically and review some of the previous records on the gender and roles assigned to the various divisions. Past events help shape the occurrences that happen after...
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