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Effective Listening is more Important than Talking (Essay Sample)


The instruction was to write a 2-page argumentative essay on the topic “Effective Listening Is More Important Than Talking”. The formatting requirement was to use APA format and a minimum of three sources. In addition, the sandwich rule of writing was required. The assignment was to be double spaced, with no spaces between paragraphs of the same style.


Effective Listening Is More Important Than Talking
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Effective Listening Is More Important Than Talking
Listening is an essential aspect of communication that can create an exceptional problem solver when effectively integrated with creative and critical thinking. Good listening skills entail remaining calm when sharing a conversation, maintaining effective eye contact with the speaker, posing appropriate questions when necessary, and providing feedback to the discussed issue. However, talking as part of communication lets one express themselves, pass ideas, and increase self-confidence. Thus, when a dispute occurs, and a verbal exchange continues between conflicting parties, an escalation of the situation is anticipated. Ideally, listening is more important than talking as it can resolve conflict, nurtures case analysis prowess, help gain leadership knowledge, and build trust through empathy.
First, active listening can help conflict resolution in altercations by understanding the conflicting parties, their interests and assessing how they can compromise. During disagreements, passing a point clearly, and listening actively while seeking clarification yields smooth dialogue sessions (Lewitter et al., 2019). Essentially, careful listening will eliminate emotions from affecting sensitive discussions and reassure the aggrieved party that alternative solutions are available. Therefore, it is true that listening is beneficial to solve disputes, and when differences in opinion occur, it has a more dominant role in communication than talking.
Secondly, one can develop analytical problem-solving skills, learning competence, case analysis, and research capacity through effective listening. Research studies have elucidated a close correlation between proper listening skills and improvement in learning among students (Ferrari et al., 2016). It shows that listening nurtures case analysis prowess, which leads to students' success, especially in research-intensive courses. The skill enables students to learn from both professors and fellow students continuously. Suffice it to say, proper listening predisposes individuals to different situations that require solution finding, and cumulatively, this progresses to complete analytical skills.
Besides, gaining profound leadership knowledge comes from different aspects of life, interaction with people and listening to different ideologies. Personal interactions are the foundation for servant leadership's listening skills (Lucas, 2021). In essence, interacting with others opens one's mind, encourages sharing of ideas, and buds interpersonal skills that culminate into gaining knowledge, thus effectively evolving desired leadership qualities. Successful leaders welcome alternative opinions to help make popular and wise decisions that favor the majority. Consequently, the humane leadership achieved by integrating such capability is the epitome of servant leadership.
Lastly, the empathy derived from actively listening to others' challenges adequately builds trust and new relationships. Leaders who actively listen and create rapport with their subordinates succeed tremendously due to mutual trust (Perkins. 2021). Adequately, new relationships are built when people connect through understanding one another, which bridges social superiority gaps even at the workplace. Comprehensively listening to an individual assures them that the other party fills in their shoes, and confidence ultimately arises in the discussion that ensues. Therefore, trust can only occur where effective listening is employed b

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