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Gender and Employment (Essay Sample)


a mini-analysis on gender and employment using Burke pentad

Gender and employment using Burke’s Pentad
In an organization, there are times when women use technology and they are unable to accomplish what they are required. Using Burke’s Pentad, it will help to understand how male employees in the organization respond and how the challenges affecting women shape their understanding (Burke 10). Burke's dramatization is essential in analyzing the respond of a male in an organization when things don't go well. When examining the recorded conversation between women and customers helps to reflect the consciousness of women on issues related to technology. Researchers show that men are more exposed on the use of technology than women, a situation that needs to change if an organization needs growth.
Using Burke's dramatization, we can learn that the elements do not work independently of each other. The acts, scenes, agents, agency, and purpose needs to work together for organization goals to be realized. In the organization, the acts are the daily activities, the agents are the employees, agency refers to the actions of the employees, the purpose is the goal, and the scene is the basis for the actions. These factors do influence, manipulate, and shape each other (Burke, 26). Technology and gender literature show that there are correlations between technology and masculinity that present difficulties to women. In many cases, women are excluded at workplaces on roles that are related to technology.
At workplace, women are excluded from the jobs th...
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