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How Love is Perceived and Displayed by Men and Women (Essay Sample)


How love is perceived and displayed by men and women


Perception and Display of Love by Men and Women
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Perception and Display of Love by Men and Women
Love is an inherent nature of human beings. The concept attributes to the solid emotional nature of humans (Yin et al., 2013). People form relationships based on perception and display of love. The bonds vary depending on individuals' understanding of the concepts of passion, intimacy, and commitment. Passion refers to the physical attraction that people have to one another. Intimacy involves sharing intimate emotions, thoughts, and details. Commitment depicts standing by an individual at all times. Understanding these concepts that define love among women is not the same as it is to men. Thus, men are different from women in perception and display of love.
Men value physical attractiveness more as compared to women. The passion for love for men is higher than that of women. During the early dating stages, individuals get attracted to partners who are considered physically attractive. The perception of men about physical attractiveness contributes to the determination of who becomes their partners. The developed perception also triggers the decision of the strength of the bond formed by the partners. Therefore, men will always look for the physical characteristics that please them in choosing their partners. In contrast, women are less focused on physical features but more on emotional aspects. Thus, women need more romance and emotional sharing than men.

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