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Should Sex Education Programs Be Mandatory in US High Schools? (Essay Sample)


Should Sex Education Programs Be Mandatory in US High Schools?


Should Sex Education Programs Be Mandatory in US High Schools?
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Should Sex Education Programs Be Mandatory in US High Schools?
Sex education is significant in realizing a person's reproductive health, sexual values and beliefs, and crucial sexually related information (Hall et al., 2016). A review of sex education programs' benefits shows that programs should be integrated into American high schools' curriculum. Sex education programs will help students comprehend abstinence measures, empowerment and equality, and improved academic performance (Hall et al., 2016). Some of the primary reasons for integrating sex education programs in US high schools have been explained below.
Sex education programs will present insight into sexual and reproductive physiology. The programs will expound on abstinence while presenting its benefits. According to Blake et al. (2013), students are taught to be sexually abstinent until marriage. However, the programs should include sexual health on pregnancy, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Teaching high school students the benefits of using protection and contraceptives is not ignorance but enlightening them on sexual risks (Blake et al., 2013). Data on previous sex education studies show that the programs have reduced teenage pregnancies and HIV transmission among students (Hall et al., 2016). Consequently, applying modern approaches in conveying sex education programs among high school students will lead to more students understanding sexual physiology (Hall et al., 2016).
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, n.d.), sex education programs promote empowerment and equality among American high school students. Focusing on gender equality, sexual orientation, empowerment, and human rights while presenting these sex education programs will lead to effective results. Providing insight into empowerment and gender rights among high school students will assist in understanding sexual principles. Sex education helps in the comprehension of gender identification and sexual orientation in a culturally diverse community. Hall et al. (2016) noted that educating girls would create empowerment and realization of their potential. As a result, human rights and gender equality programs should be based on sex education programs during high school learning. Additionally, changing sexual trends such as the rise of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) movements should ensure sex education programs have provided substantial information to assist sexual orientation. According to Slater (2013), LGBT sex education should be integrated into American high school curriculums for sexually healthier youths in American society.
Ponzetti (2016) noted in his research that sex education programs help in enhancing academic performance. Adolescents in high school are exposed to sexual risks such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs); therefore, those that suffer from these risks develop psychological problems. Academic performance is related to sexual education due to the psychological aspects of sex that could take up most of the study period. According to Kendall (2013), the lack of sex education programs leads to irrational decisions that later expose the adolescents to substance abuse as a remedy to their psychological issues. Ultimately, these students are academically incompetent due to stress-related disorders (Kendall, 2013).
A review of the above gains of sex education programs shows the need for making them (programs) mandatory in US high schools. Stakeholders in the education sector should endorse funding and implementation of sex education programs in high schools. T

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