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How to Prevent People from Dropping Out of School? (Essay Sample)


This is a high school writing about how to prevent people from dropping out of school


How Can We Prevent People from Dropping out of School
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Despite global advancement in the education sector, rising cases of school dropouts continue to baffle and worry education stakeholders. Researchers and analysts attribute the reasons for the dropouts to reasons such as; poverty, conflicting life pressures, and poor health. Subsequently, there is a pressing need to identify strategies that prevent people from dropping out of school.
How to Prevent People from Dropping out of School 
     At the basic level, the development of a school-community collaboration helps serve as a foundational strategy to manage the number of dropouts. Through this collaboration, the school and the community are able to identify the social problems afflicting students and thus can be able to devise strategies to adopt so as to prevent cases of dropouts. According to Berger (2019), social class directly correlates to cases of school dropouts. This is because social class is a strong determinant of such life-changing variables like pregnancies, employment, or even family problems. 
     Secondly, a safe learning environment is crucial in promoting a positive social 

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