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Impacts of Technology on Education Education Essay (Essay Sample)


Impacts of Technology on Education


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Impacts of Technology on Education
Technology has taken control over every aspect of life, and consequently, it has surpassed humanity. Education is one of the crucial elements that have been significantly affected by technology growth. Some scholars believe that technology is positively affecting learning, but others think education is adversely affected (Bulman et al., pg.237). Such arguments are undeniably right to some extent considering the current increase in online courses. Therefore, this essay is tailored to discuss how technology has changed the learning. Also, this paper will give a clear picture of how technology makes learning easier.
Technology is changing learning in various ways. First and most important is that technology has expanded education access among the learners. Some decades back, there were limited books and opportunities to access education that only a few elites enjoyed. In regard, people were forced to travel to learning centers to get an education. Nowadays, reliable information from scholarly journals, books, and government policies is available on the internet (Lai et al., pg. 27).

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