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Why tutors are important Education Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


it TRY to explain the significance of having a tutor


Why are tutors important
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Why are tutors important
Tutors are individuals who educate and give guidance to another person, mostly a student. Tutoring is essential in the world of academics; it ensures learning reach every student. No matter what discipline your child is weak in, whether it is Science, World Studies, English or Maths, there is a tutor accessible to help the child. Children have different understanding levels; some pick up the content that the teacher is teaching quickly, and others do not. Luckily, for learners who have a problem in a particular subject or get a little behind when the teacher is teaching, some tutors can help them catch up. Tutors are essential individuals who support learners in various ways.
Tutors help to overcome education hindrances. A tutor will accurately target whichever part of learning a child is having trouble tackling, whether it is language, math, reading, or writing. He encourages the liberty to ask questions; at school, it may not be easy for the child to ask questions in front of his/her classmates. The child is then able to ask questions without feeling self-conscious. Tutoring provides a setting free from interruptions, with fewer learners and distractions around so that the child can concentrate on education. Hence, tutors have helped to improve the scores of students. (Ilyas, A. I. 2016)

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