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The Importance of Multilingual Education (Essay Sample)


We would like you to write a short essay on the topic: The importance of multilingual education. (Include at least one academic source, use APA 7th edition, word count 500 words +-10%).
Please, make sure it corresponds to the following requirements:
- At least 500 words long
- 12pt font, Times New Roman or Arial
- Double-spaced
- 1-inch margins on all sides
Your sample paper will be evaluated based on structure, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and flow of ideas.
Please, make sure all the sources are properly cited. We do not tolerate plagiarism in any form.


The Importance of Multilingual Education
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The Importance of Multilingual Education
Multilingualism is a conduit for international citizenship, communication, interconnectedness and social-cultural awareness. Multilingualism refers to the ability to fluently and competently converse and express oneself in more than two languages. It more than provides credentials to serve as fodder for one’s cv; it proffers critical language multiliteracy, proficiency and skills that inform decision-making, mentality, outlook, and approach to life. These personal benefits trickle to the societal level through increased social and cultural awareness and acceptance, higher social participation (volunteering), and increased social productivity. By extension, the economy benefits from increased taxes and international remittance as more people willingly venture abroad for employment, spurring economic growth. Multilingual education benefits individuals, society and the economy by inculcating knowledge and skills that increase job marketability and cultural interconnection, increasing international remittances and tax payments, spurring economic

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