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The Influence of Technology to The Learning Education (Essay Sample)


education takes place outside the classroom space, or alternatively the classroom space is being redefined. how has technology changed and in turn changed learning? is technology making education easier or making learning more difficult? what are the three domains use of technology in education? and what are the helpful ways of technology in learning education, especially on students and educators?


Technology Changed Learning Education
Technology Changed Learning Education
Technology provides students with easy-to-access information, accelerated learning, and fun opportunities to practice what they learn. Effective use of digital learning tools in classrooms can increase students engagement, help teachers improve their course plans and facilitate personalized learning. Education technology has its challenges, especially with regard to implementation and use. Educators must be able to develop and influence online educational content, in particular to encourage students to consider a subject from a different perspective.
Technology: Makes Learning Easier or More Difficult?
Educational technology is a systematic and organized process in the application of modern technology to improve the quality of education – efficiency, optimal, and true. This is systematic way of conceptualizing the implementation and evaluation of teaching techniques. It includes teaching materials, methods and organization of work and relations, and the behavior of all participants in the educational process. In addition, technology makes the work of teachers easier without adding extra time to their day. Teachers want to improve the performance of students, and technology can help them achieves this goal. The following are examples of how technology can help make learning easier;
* Improved collaboration and communication
* Personalized learning opportunities
* Curiousness stimulated by attractive contents
* Improves productivity and efficiency of faculty teachers

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