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Monotasking vs. Multitasking: Which Approach Is More Efficient and Why? (Essay Sample)


This paper analyzes two educational approaches: Monotasking and Multitasking to conclude Which Approach Is More Efficient and Why.


Monotasking vs. Multitasking: Which Approach Is
More Efficient and Why?
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Monotasking vs. Multitasking: Which Approach Is More Efficient and Why?
Nowadays, modern people tend to complete many various tasks simultaneously and achieve the highest productivity. With such phenomena, work-life balance is essential to stay effective in any endeavor. Contemporary studies in sociology, education, and psychology highlight two primary approaches to completing the required tasks. Firstly, monotasking means attending to only one assignment at the same time (Spall, 2020), while multitasking refers to doing two or more activities concurrently (Cherry, 2020). Monotasking is more efficient than multitasking as it ensures concentration, which is a critical component of successful and productive activity.
Both monotasking and multitasking present their benefits. Taft (2017) argues that those who monotask are less prone to distraction and have higher chances for success. Additionally, monotasking is significantly associated with better health. On the other hand, Cummings (2018) suggests that multitasking provides many advantages, such as significant time-saving and a lower likelihood of procrastination. Despite having their unique benefits, empirical studies confirm that monotasking is a more efficient approach (Vetter, 2018). For instance, recent investigations by American Psychological Association (2012) show that females who have a higher predisposition to multitask than males reported higher stress levels.
Figure 1. Multitasking Ability by Gender (Stoet, O’Connor, Conner, & Laws, 2013)
Conclusively, monotasking is the more efficient approach because it allows an individual to maintain a high level of focus, leading to better work quality. Furthermore, monotasking can become an appropriate instrument to achieve a work-life balance. On the other hand, multitasking can also be advantageous, especially in the circumstances of limited time and financial resources. However, multitasking could lead to some adverse consequences, including low memory retention, unproductivity, and distraction. Such findings entail many practical implications for people's day-to-day life, especially as regards work and study. When considering sustainability, monotasking appears to be a more efficient concept because it guarantees quality work outcomes while lowering the risk of burnout.

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