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The Convict and the Bishop (Essay Sample)


INSTRUCTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN REVISED! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! 3.16 Analytical Essay 1.) For this assignment, you choose between two different types of essays: A). How do the events of "The Strangers That Came to Town" teach the narrator a lesson about judging others and acceptance? B). Discuss the theme of mercy and redemption in "The Convict and the Bishop." How do Jean Valjean's experiences define the theme of the story? 2). Lessons 3.12 - 3.16 should all help you with this writing process. Pay attention and take notes on the writing process as you work through these lessons. Your 3-4 paragraph essay will include: INTRO PARAGRAPH with THESIS STATEMENT 1-2 Body Paragraphs using text evidence to support your ideas Conclusion paragraph wrapping up/restating your ideas. Two unit vocab words must be included in essay. 3). UNDERLINE the following before submitting: • THESIS STATEMENT in your introductory paragraph • TWO unit vocabulary words that you used in your essay. Click on this Link for thesis statement and sentence frames and tips on how to organize your essay. (see towards end for this) Due: May 14, 2021 End Date: June 4, 2021 No Essays will be accepted after this End date! Rubric: 15 pts - Essay provides a good analysis that demonstrates critical and creative thinking skills 15 pts - Essay contains: Introduction paragraph with thesis statement, 1-2 body paragraphs, conclusion paragraph. 10 pts - Tone and Voice- Essay maintains appropriate tone, voice, and objective language 10 pts - Two unit vocabulary words (see list on Module Guide) are used in the essay. 10 pts - Mechanics/Conventions - Spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules are used correctly. TOTAL POINTS: 60 YOU WILL ONLY SUBMIT THE FINAL DRAFT Unit Vocabulary Words: * Forecast * Squall * Faux pas * Ad nauseam * Hypothermia * adapt * optimist Topic: ? What a character learns in a story? ? What is the theme of the story? Thesis Statement Frames: In the story, _____(insert title)______________________, ___(insert character name)__________ learns about __(insert the thing or things the character learns) __________ ___________________ through the events that occur during the story. As a result of the events in the story, _____(insert title)________________, __(insert character name)___________ learns __(insert the thing or things the character learns)_________________________________________. The theme of _____(insert title)_____________________ is ________________ ________(insert theme here) ___________________________________________. 3 Paragraph Outline: Paragraph 1: Introduction with a hook, bridge or background, and Thesis Statement. The hook grabs your reader’s attention and the bridge connects your hook to your thesis statement. Paragraph 2: Body Paragraph that contains text evidence and text support to explain or prove your thesis statement. For example, you should provide support that proves that the character learns what you stated or that the theme is really the theme you chose. Paragraph 3: Conclusion with Thesis Statement restated and an explanation of why this is important. You can also summarize the most important points.


The Convict and the Bishop
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The Convict and the Bishop
Les Misérables, the French historical novel written by Jean Valjean remains one of the greatest books of the 19th century. The novel follows the interactions of an ex-convict with the lives of several characters within its plot setting. Les Misérables examines the law and its nature of grace along with the narration of France's history. Valjean's work describes family love and the urban design of politics in Paris. The novel connects the history of France through the incorporation of religion, moral philosophy, and justice. The main thread in Les Misérables novel involves the narration of Jean Valjean, a convict who resembles the force of "good" in the world. Despite his moral and religious viewership of issues in society, the convict cannot escape his criminal past. However, the connection of the primary issues discussed in Les Misérables enhances the analysis of the “the convict and the Bishop” roles in the novel. The theme of the “Convict and the Bishop” is mercy and redemption.
Jean Valjean, the convict in Les Misérables illustrates them of mercy based on how society views him. At the beginning of the novel, Valjean is being judged and treated as a convict. Even though the convict values morality and incorporated some aspects of religion while undertaking his roles in the novel, Valjean could not escape his criminal past. Bishop Myriel showed mercy on the convict by releasing him after an attempt to steal his Silver Candlesticks. According to Hoffheimer (2012), Valjean had no idea of dealing with the mercy shown to him by the Bishop; the convict was so confused and ended up falling into another crime moments after release by Bishop Myriel. Valjean committed an instant robbery after forgiveness by the Bishop; Hoffheimer (2012) argues that the robbery committed by Valjean occurred due to the reflex of mercy. The convict believed everyone could have mercy on him the same way Bishop Myriel did after finding him at the Vatican. Alternatives, he might have committed the crime as a final act of gaining God's mercy in quitting the criminal histories recorded against him. A second character, Javert expresses the theme of mercy through judgment lenses. Javert killed himself to show mercy to Bishop Myriel for letting the convict free. The fear of judging the Bishop facilitated the character to commit suicide. As such Hugo celebrates mercy as a moral way of living towards the end of the "convict and the Bishop" narration.
The transformation of the convict into a paragon of virtue in Les Misérables explores the theme of redemption. At the beginning of narration in the “Convict and the Bishop,” Valjean is presented as a hardened criminal but ends as a lifesaver. The convict redeemed Fantine, a struggling woman from prison charges after being arrested by Inspector Javert. Fantine lost her job at Valjean’s factory and turned in

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