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"Many Students Are Required to Wear the Uniform. Should Professors Also Have Their Special Dress Code?" (Essay Sample)




"Many Students Are Required to Wear the Uniform. Should Professors Also Have Their Special Dress Code?"
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"Many Students Are Required to Wear the Uniform. Should Professors Also Have Their Special Dress Code?"
Throughout the history of education, students are mandated to wear uniforms to achieve equality in the classroom. Additionally, wearing a school uniform is crucial since it eliminates the unnecessary stress of finding a suitable outfit when attending classes. On the contrary, professors and tutors are not required to wear a standardized uniform or dress code since they are presumed to be responsible adults. However, it is imperative to ensure that they dress in acceptable attire to reinforce their authority in the classroom and command respect from their students (Bilbiloski, 2020). The evidence shows that professors should have a unique dress code that is befitting of their profession.
The dressing code of professors does not have a significant influence on the overall academic success of students. Nonetheless, the physical appearance of a teacher is critical, given that it creates a lasting impression on the learners' minds (Kashem, 2019). Noteworthy, an individual's dress code reflects their inner attributes, sense of responsibility, and determination to succeed. For instance, someone smartly dressed in a formal outfit is considered more skilled and possessing the right personality traits. Additionally, learners perceive professors who dress in bright traditional attire as competent and knowledgeable (Kashem, 2019). Therefore, the evidence shows that professors should have a specific dress code to maintain authority and create a conducive learning environment in the classroom.
Teachers' dressing is key in forming initial perceptions and shaping students' attitudes towards learning (Kashem, 2019). A formal dress code among professors is more likely to increase their power and authority within the school. Additionally, a particular dress code creates a sense of belonging and equality among professors. Moreover, wearing a respectable dress code will elicit positive feedback from the learners who view the professor as organized and well-researched. Furthermore, dressing greatly influences how an individual is perceived and treated by others in the institution. The evidence shows that it is crucial to ensure that all tutors are well dressed to create a harmonious learning environment and foster a culture of excellence.
Students, just like adults, are likely to judge their professors based on their dress code. Tutors who wear smart formal outfits are considered more attractive, friendly, and sociable than their counterparts who appear to be sloppily dressed (Kashem, 2019). Additionally, students attach their professors' credibility and trustworthiness to their dress code. Moreover, professors' dress code impacts their ability to influence students' behavior and classroom delivery. Students are constantly monitoring the dress code of their teachers. The implication is that the choice of dress adopted by professors should be proper and appealing to cre

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