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Marketing and Management in High School (Essay Sample)


This essay explains reasons as why business courses, such as marketing should be taught in the last two years of highschool. This essay concluded in favor of the position that business courses, such as marketing and management should be taught in the last two years of high school. Educators should guide young people in planning ahead as regards further studies. By offering elective courses that are highly in-demand, high school education would be much more holistic and relevant.


Do you support the idea that marketing and management should be
taught in the last two years of high school?
Name of the Student
The University/College
Do you support the idea that marketing and management should be
taught in the last two years of high school?
In contemporary U.S. pedagogical studies, there is a growing research trend on the relevant courses to include as part of the junior and senior high school curriculum. These last two years of high school is the time when students think about their future in general, and more specifically about what course to pursue when they enter college. High school educators, therefore have a significant role in guiding them to decide properly on these matters. Thus teaching highly in-demand courses in those final years, particularly marketing and management (Campbell, 2020) is crucial to ensure understanding of business as a field of study and as a prospective career.
Academic success could mean differently for every person. However, in the context of deciding which course to pursue, one important success consideration is the assurance to finish one’s course. Shifting to another degree would mean opportunity cost in terms of time and money (Cairns 2021), which one could have just used for other important life’s priorities. The succeeding table shows that a significant portion of the U.S. college population shifted courses within the first three years of enrollment.
Table 1
Students who shifted to another course (U.S. Department of Education, 2017)
Academic majors


Business courses (e.g., marketing, management, etc.)


Social Sciences


Computer and Information Sciences


Healthcare-related courses


As seen above, thirty-one percent of survey respondents who majored in business shifted to another program of study. According to Stilman (2015), one most probable reason would be the lack of knowledge prior to taking the course. Therefore, making some students realized that they are better suited with another program. Such findings support the position that, indeed, business courses, such as marketing and management should be taught in the last two years of high schoo

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