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The Representation of Muslim Women in Netflix Shows (Essay Sample)


THE SAMPLE IS PRIMARILY ABOUT THE CLAIMS BY NETFLIX THAT THEY ARE working on the issue of diversity, Muslim women are not accurately represented in their shows, and writers constantly depict Muslim women as shy, timid women who are trying to break free from Islam BUT IN THE REAL SENSE THERE ARE MANY ISSUES THAT HAVE NOT YET BEEN RESOLVED. THE ARTICLE HAS CONCLUDED THAT The primary lesson that has been planned is that Muslim women have been occasionally misrepresented in Netflix and other TV shows. Muslim women can achieve greatness the same way other women from other religions and cultures have achieved greatness. Stereotyping Muslim women only degrade them and deny them the opportunity to show the world their capabilities. The entertainment industry needs to give Muslim women morals and represent them in diverse roles to show their capabilities.


The Representation of Muslim Women in Netflix Shows
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The Representation of Muslim Women in Netflix Shows
Media representation of Muslim women in Netflix shows involves genuine representation of Muslim women and not from screenwriters who create their narratives based on limited perceptions of their beliefs about how a Muslim woman shield behaves or looks. There are many examples of movies and documentaries that have been viewed on Netflix. There is a stereotype of Muslim women required to be freed from their religion where their religion has been portrayed as oppressive. A good example is Nadia in Elite, where the woman has been used to portray the stereotype. The movie portrays Nadia as a woman who has given up who believes where she got rid of her hijab and runs off with her boyfriend to portray that she has escaped her operating religion and portrayed the stereotype that she has been liberated. While Netflix claims to be working on the issue of diversity, Muslim women are not accurately represented in their shows, and writers constantly depict Muslim women as shy, timid women who are trying to break free from Islam.
History of Muslim Representation in Media
The media representation of Muslims and their religion has changed drastically since the beginning of the millennium in quality and quantity. Islam-related issues have also changed due to media coverage over the last few decades. A study done by Issaka (2012) indicates that the most significant event that put Islam into the global media for the front was the terrorist events that happened on September 11, 2001. There was a drastic increase in media coverage on the issues relating to Islam, especially in the entertainment media and news media. The media was also involved in many cases of framing Islam on social media platforms. one of the most significant changes observed in the Islam coverage by the media was the increase in islamophobia, where most people begin fearing Islam or hating Islam (Issaka, 2021). the United States government introduced a war on terrorism that also contributed to the increment in discussions about Islam on various Media outlets. The representation of Islam led to the development of harmful Islamic media stereotypes a survey of deliberately attempting to counter islamophobia. 
First time when Muslim Women were on TV
The first time Muslim women were shown on TV was during the TV show named Quantico, where Muslim women who were portrayed as FBI recruits forest of the Muslim women find themselves in the middle of a terrorist plot. Research by Gonzalez-Sobrino (2018) shows that Muslim women were viewed as pioneers in an important step where they will no longer be viewed as the victims of their religion. The women are portrayed as strong enough to be part of the larger world and a world that does not stereotype Muslim women. It became clear that Muslim women can do marvelous things and participate in what the actors play crucial roles in (Gonzalez-Sobrino, 2018). the women also portrayed wild or Muslim women could be equally invested in the backstories of romantic longings and represent rarities on American television. 
Types of Shows that displayed Muslim Women
 There are various types of shows that have displayed various characters who represent Muslim women. Some of the shows in the United States that have featured Muslim women characters include Orange Is the New Black, a popular Netflix series. The Netflix series started featuring Muslim women characters in its fourth season. Degrassi is another TV series that featured Muslim women characters that premiered in Canada. Scum is also a TV show in Norway that featured Muslim women characters (Gonzalez-Sobrino, 2018). other TV shows in the United States that have featured Muslim women characters include The Bold Type, Quantico, Homeland, and Little Mosque on the Prairie in Canada. 

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