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Personal Philosophy of Career and Technical Education (Essay Sample)


To Develop a paper that addresses my personal philosophy of career and technical education.
Within the text of the paper, I was to define career and technical education and describe what it means to me, compare CTE to general education, describe why it is important in the educational landscape, and present my personal beliefs and attitudes towards CTE, especially as these beliefs impact my students.
the paper was to be properly cited using APA format and use a minimum of three references external to the textbook.


Personal Philosophy of Career and Technical Education
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Personal Philosophy of Career and Technical Education
Career education can be defined as vocational training for a particular occupation. A student learns the instruments of a field through practical training rather than concentrating on academic subjects. This, technical education prepares students academically and professionally for careers involving current technology and applied science. In a nutshell, career and technical education (CTE) can be described as a tool that equips students with diverse backgrounds and experiences with the skills necessary for both a successful career and lifelong learning (N. Jacobson, 2011). It gives students the intellectual and technical skills they need for job success through a proactive mindset and a flexible, practical approach, making a significant contribution to the general improvement of society and the economy. This paper, therefore, addresses my philosophy of career and technical education.
My view about CTE is made clear by my experience in the workplace. I think CTE offers the best opportunity for education and growth, and it prepares secondary and postsecondary students from all different backgrounds to find productive work. Because of what I have learned in a CTE, I am convinced that this is the only superior educational system that will allow many children to see actual, quantifiable improvement.
CTE and general education have both similarities and differences. Technical education is heavily career- or skill-focused. Conversely, general education emphasizes earning degrees. In general education, once one obtains a higher degree, such as a BBA, MBA, or any other higher qualification, they are destined to be qualified. However, they do not pick up enough practical knowledge that they can use to get things done in the actual job. As a result, it becomes hard for someone with general education alone to get any job (Oviawe, 2018). Nevertheless, someone with a technical or vocational education does not continue to be unemployed. If he is unable to get employment, he can work for himself as he possesses the necessary skills. While technical education produces competent workers and professionals, general education primarily produces clerks and officials. Comparing the two, I would conclude that technical education is more essential than general education for a nation's prosperity. Leaners should be highly encouraged to take career and technical education.
There is a need to continue to be proactive in figuring out how to be effective in lowering and preventing the lack of skilled workers and training graduates who, through gainful employment, may accelerate the country's economic vibrancy (C.X. Wang, 2022). This is done in alliance with career and technical education. A crucial link between secondary and four-year postsecondary education, as well as between business, communities, and educational systems, is provided through career and technical education.
The inclusion of career and technical education in the education landscape is very important. CTE emphasizes the development of learners' characters, fostering their development in interpersonal skills and social responsibility, in addition to the academic and technical knowledge required for job success.
If CTE is included in the education landscape, the learners will benefit from a career- and technology-based education and become more than simply an average student. This is because they would gain the technical skills, academic skills, and employability skills they need to flourish throughout their life through career and technology education. Furthermore, career and technical education enable students to connect their academic learning to the demands of the industry. Again, this kind of education will help learners get ready for the future, whether they plan to go to college or enter a job. Students who are headed to college can gain work experience to help them clarify their career aspirations, choose the right field of study, and contribute to tuition costs.
I conclude that career and technical education is a well-balanced blend of existentialism, pragmatism, and realism that may help vast populations succeed and serve as a pillar in the general advancement of society and the economy. In general, attitudes should encourage students to attain their goals in prosperous, globally competitive corporate so

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