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Problem Identification: Drug Abuse (Essay Sample)


In this assignment, you will identify a problem related to your topic that you wish
to study.
This assignment should be 2-3 pages in length using APA format. Chapter 1 – The
The introduction includes: Background Context (includes critical incident and ethical
considerations related to the problem), Problem Statement, Purpose of Study, and
Significance of Research – use subheadings to frame your chapter. Use support
from at least two sources.


Problem Identification
Student Name
Institution Affiliation
Background Context
Drug abuse is one of the major widespread aspects that has caused lots of challenges in various fields in the USA and across the globe. One of the areas that have been adversely affected is the workplace setting in any given industry, such as in transport and security jobs (Smook, Ubbink, Ryke & Strydom, 2018). The effects of drug abuse can be incurred in many different ways, such as employee turnover, time management, team relations, and organization operations (Lutchman & Liebenberg, 2017). Due to the adversities associated with drug abuse at the workplace, many initiatives have long been put in place by different organizations to curb the problem of drug addiction or abuse. Furthermore, dealing with drug abuse at the workplace at the most appropriate time is vital in dealing with the problem early, even before things worsen (Evans, 2016). However, it is also crucial to note that drug abuse in the workplace is an eminently challenging situation between employees and employers.

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