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Rationale for a Personal Learning Management System Design (Essay Sample)


this was a rather short worded paper since a link to external site was provided for guidance.
the instructions simply read:
Write an essay describing your rationale for instructional feature, organization, interactivity, assessment, and technical information of your LMS design.
Link to my LMS design


Learning Management System Design
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Learning Management System Design
Learning Management System (LMS) design is web-based technology or a software application that plans, implements, and assesses a specific learning process. Typically, the LMS provides a tutor with a way to develop and present content, supervise learners' participation, and assess students' performance (Murray et al., 2018). The system consists of two components: the user interface to allow the administrator, student, or instructor to operate the system and the server that performs the functionality. Also, the system allows the learners to use interactive features like discussion forums, video conferencing, and threaded discussions. Deciding to create a Learning Management System focuses on various reasons. The essay will discuss the rationale for instruction features, organization, interactivity, assessment, and technical information for my LMS design.
I created my LMS design based on various considerations depending on specific features of the system. First, choosing the right system type was crucial. After thorough research, I decided to work with a cloud-based system instead of the installed system. The main reason for the decision is to reduce the

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