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The Community of Inquiry Framework (Essay Sample)


Of the three components of the community of inquiry framework (social, cognitive, or teaching), which do you believe is the most important in terms of learning online?
Distance education scholars and practitioners often wrestle with which of these elements should take priority, or if all three are actually required for a quality learning experience:
Cognitive Presence
Social Presence
Teaching Presence


The Community of Inquiry Framework
Social Presence Is the Most Important In Terms Of Learning Online
The Community of Inquiry framework represents a necessary process for generating a meaningful learning experience. The framework is imperative for comprehending and stimulating online learning in colleges and university education, particularly the cognitive and social techniques. It tackles social and mental aspects of student presence in knowledge formation by developing three interconnected parts - social, teaching, and cognitive presence. The framework improves the results of online learning. When this concept is applied to online courses, the intersection of the three presences greatly impacts students’ online course experiences. However, in terms of online learning, the social presence aspect outperforms other elements due to its tremendous powers of preserving human connectivity in education.
In essence, the community of Inquiry paradigm defines social presence as the ability to project one’s own identity in the virtual audience to view the individual as a “real” person. The degree of engagement and social interaction among learning group members is related to their participation and social interaction. Instructors and students establish a degree of connectivity that subsequently serves as a foundation for determining how motivated participants are to fully participate in their own and their peers’ meaning-making processes. Social presence forms a strong intersection with teaching presence in setting climate and cognitive presence in supporting discourse to offer an informed educational experience (Garrison).

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