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Case Study Report on Advisement. Engineering Essay (Essay Sample)


Case Study Report on Advisement


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Case Study Report on Advisement
Advisement is an important process in the life of a student . Advisement is supposed to let students know of the resources that are available to them in school, assist students in understanding the programs, procedures and policies in the university, help students in formulating plans that are concerned with their education, mentor students at academic and personal levels and lastly help students in creating long term plans. Due to the fact that advisement is a learning process it has to employ a number of procedures for it to be successful. For advisement to be successful students must have gained new knowledge that is meant to help during their study process.
Advisement is not only beneficial to students but it also carries a number of advantages for universities as well. This concept is important to universities because it increases the retention rate. Universities must embrace the fact that advisement is not a one-time thing and for it to be successful it has to be a continuing process.
ALTS( (Airport Luggage Transportation System)

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