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Engineering and Construction Engineering Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Answer the following questions:

1. Research the 2005 fire at the Patrick Air Force Base Officers’ Club. Write a short description of the incident to include the cause of the fire, the amount of damage, and measures that could have been used to prevent the fire.

2. Material Storage and Handling.
a. What is the maximum allowable height for stacking bricks? What other requirements apply to stacked bricks?
b. What is the maximum allowable height for stacking lumber? What other requirements apply to stacked lumber?
c. What is the rated capacity of a ½ inch diameter Grade 80 alloy steel chain sling when used in a double leg bridle sling configuration at a 45° vertical angle?


Fire Safety, Material Storage, and Handling
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Fire Safety, Material Storage, and Handling
Fire at Patrick Air Force Base Officers’ Club
Regardless of a building’s type or size, dealing with fire incidents is always a daunting task. In most cases, fires occur accidentally, but it is illogical to rule out the high possibility of deliberate attempts by people to act maliciously. The incident that happened in Patrick Air Force Base Officers’ Club in 2005 raises more questions than answers. It is difficult to understand, and its effects devastating. While many opinions have been raised concerning the cause of the fire, it seems that it was somewhat accidental. According to Orlando Sentinel (2005), it is a roofer’s torch that triggered the unfortunate incident. It happened that a random flame exploded the roof material when repairs were taking place in the officer’s club after a hurricane.
Like any other incident, this fire had its effects. However, everything was devastating. According to Garcia (2005), the entire kitchen of the officer’s club where private parties used to take place was blown out. The blaze was stubborn such that it took some hours to control. The physical damage was extreme such that the face of the club changed for good. As mentioned in some misleading articles, it is worth noting that no life was lost, as suggested at times. Garcia (2005) insists that all people were evacuated safely, albeit the significant property loss.

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