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Manufacturing and Material selection Engineering Essay (Essay Sample)


The task was about emulating common sources of error in engineering measurement s.


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Sources of Error
Errors are a common aspect of measuring instruments. These errors either relates to the instrument variation or at times they occur as a result of human failure to correctly configure the setup or take measurements. These sources can be categorized into three major groups, namely: instrument loading errors, static errors and dynamic errors (Dichev et al., 2018). Specifically, these machine errors include uncertainties experienced in the machines in terms of their dimensions, as they are not perfect, inaccuracy during the calibration of the machines; errors associated with the determination of the diameter (Stentsel et al., 2018).
Also, external factors can lead to errors in the measurements obtained. The external factors are changes in the surrounding conditions such as a change in the temperature or atmospheric pressure; repetitive usage of blocks affecting its stability, or even a slight change in the orientation of the block (Su et al., 2017). Further, cracks within the devices also are potential sources of errors, which generates uncertainties in the measurements which are obtained.

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