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A Trip to Fort Langley (Essay Sample)

BELOW ATTACHED IS A REFLECTIVE ESSAY ON A TRIP MADE TO FORT LANGLEY. THE ESSAY REFLECT ON ALL THE pedagogical moments arose which relates broadly to the things we have learned in class. source..
Reflection Essay Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation A Trip to Fort Langley Education tours have become part of the curriculum in many schools. Students and teachers plan for a combination of tours where they visit sites to enhance their knowledge and to help them see a clear picture of the theoretical things they learn in class. Students require exposure to new experiences to have efficiency gains such as having a more positive feeling towards a topic. The trips include experiences which can be recalled and useful long after a visit. Being in a history class, education tours are common, and the Fort Langley visit was one of it. The visit to Fort Langley provided an opportunity for all the attendees to apply previous knowledge, view real examples which are set in a strategic framework, and we all got an opportunity to be involved physically with real-life situations. From the trip, several pedagogical moments arose which relates broadly to the things we have learned in class. The historical sites learned in classroom including the structures and the rural set up was still in place. In class, we were taught that Fort Langley came into existence early nineteenth century where it begun as a network of trading posts (Bethune, 2016). According to Bethune (2016), the Hudson’s Bay Company introduced the fort on the Pacific Slope. Building of the fort introduced foreign trade, and in 1821, a Royal License was issued which initialized reconstitution (Bethune, 2016). The license created a monopoly on trade west of the Rockies (Bethune, 2016). The trade brought prestige to the Fort and development could be realized. There were new structures constructed, and easy access to the river was ensured. The prestigious site in the area introduced during the 19th century and what is learned in the classroom is observable immediately you arrive at Fort Langley. There are new buildings constructed in the past few decades, but they all follow strict guidelines to match the heritage appearance. There are new restorations done which all combined with its rural settings, access to the river and the mountain vistas are still in place, and the old Fort itself are all in existence which make the area a thriving tourist center. Industrialization in Canada based on what we have learned in the class took place in two phases during the 19th century (Davies, 2015). During this time, the economic and social lives of people changed as a result of interaction during trade. The history concurs with the experiences induced by the introduction of trade at Fort Langley. In the fort, international commerce took place, and the interaction between traders brought industrialization in Canada. During the visit to Fort Langley, there were various surprising occurrences which I considered worth noting. One of them included the setting of the area. It has been so many years since when the area became inactive of trade, but it never changes. There are many indigenous towns or cities which currently lack the resemblance of how they looked back then due to new structures, but Fort Langley is still the same. The old fort is still in place, and new structures have been constructed in a manner that enhances the old set up. Features in the old fort such as the servant quarters, bateau, the café, fur press, and the bastions gallery are still the same as denoted in the historical books. Visit areas which resemble original setting such as Fort Langley help us connect and appreciate how people lived before industrialization. We may consider ourselves developed in the current ages, but it started long time ago with our forefathers. It is these individuals who lived before us who laid foundations to the lives we are living in. Warry and Lutz recognize that ancient civilization and great military commanders such as Alexander the Great, Hannibal and others are the founders of the great places we are living in. The prestigious Canada we are living in can be traced from these individuals and their great devotion to ensure that our countries have been given the respect they deserve. Economic growth and development currently and that of the past ages have no great difference. In most cases, development takes pla...
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