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Accessing leadership skills. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


It's about leadership skills which enable one lead wisely and be influential


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Accessing Leadership Skills
According to Doran, (2015), Leadership can be a skill that can either be built upon or natural. A leader can utilize the benefits of the task as well can strategize and stand back to see a vast view of a situation. A good leader should anticipate and have a big picture of problems that may occur. The valuable skill to compress projects as well as the ability to foresee and provide valid suggestions to situations. The best way a leader can lead others is by acquiring new knowledge and skills.The reason behind, he/she will have a sharp mind and can solve new challenges as they occur. This paper highlights specific ACHE competences. These includes, business skills and knowledge, professionalism, knowledge of the environment and the communication and relationship management. This report reflects on my specific ACHE leadership competences self-assessment, lists my strengths as a leader and how I can improve my leadership skills. In addition, the report highlights specific, measurable, attainable, reliable and timeliness competentskills of a leader.

To begin with, first ACHE competence is the professionalism of leadership. This professionalism may be divided into professional accountability and personal, (Herd et al. 2018). On my strength of professionalism, I have professional standards codes of ethical behavior and personal ethics. Through this, I have been able to motivate fellow employees. Hence they can fulfill tasks effectively; secondly, I have used my experience to prep non-performing employees. As a leader, I forge good relations and recommendations because of their value to the organization. I significantly contribute to society by mentoring coaching as well as advising that serves as an ethical guide for the community. Also, using my professionalism, I have developed and lifelong paramount learning to mentor other people to grow to be leaders. Finally, as a leader, I have been able to help my organization to employ highly experienced workforce and educated. This is as a result of my experience of how skilled workforce best works.

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