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Theoretical Foundations in Education: Behaviorism. (Essay Sample)


Discuss behaviorism by John Watson and identify some of the most significant issues raised


Theoretical Foundations in Education
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Theoretical Foundations in Education: Behaviorism
Behaviorism is a learning theory that focuses on some of the observable characteristics of a learner. Critically, one of the most significant issues of the theory is the fact that it does not pay particular attention to some of the issues that go on in the learner’s brain. The process of learning is sometimes intricate, and more attention needs to be given to characteristics that are not visible. Furthermore, behaviorism theorists believe that the most significant purpose of education is the fact that individuals can acquire new behaviors in a given environment. Some of the most famous proponents of behaviorism is a psychologist by the name John Watson (1878-1958). The paper gives a sophisticated analysis of behaviorism, with particular attention to its history, development, and its general view on education.
Western intellectual history suggests that some individuals have held opinions that support behaviorism in the past. It is essential to note that although some of these individuals had ideas that can be categorized as a behaviorist, none of them used the term. One of the most significant examples is Aristotle in some of his early works, like De Anima, where the individual gave particular attention to practical rationality (Geller, 2015). 

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