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Eviction Argument Essay Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Eviction Argument Essay


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 Eviction Argument Essay
Evictions have never always been perturbing stances that people from different factions are compelled to face on a daily. Primarily, it hails from the fact that governments always do a lot of research on land resources. In a bid to put the resources to utilization, people in higher authority put in place policies that always encourage people to migrate to other places in an attempt to utilize resources in any place fully. Nevertheless, the majority of the people evicted do it out of their own will and always faced challenges in the new places of residence. They always Besides, some of them face discrimination from the natives when they migrate hence making it hard for them to adjust. As a result of such challenges, the government and other leaders always work hand in hand to ensure that all the people live comfortably even after eviction.find it hard to get appropriate homes that meet their needs since sometimes landlords require consent from the previous proprietors to allow a person to stay in their houses.
Violation of Rights
As a result of eviction, people lose their rights in the new places of dwelling about working, owning property, and accessing education. Various children's education has been disrupted on account of leaving their initial homes for other places (Greenburg, Desmond and Gershenson 118). These issues always come up because such people are considered as squatters on the land where they are currently staying and are not treated like the rest. As a result of not accessing education, students always miss out on information that would be used for advancement in their lives.
Nevertheless, all individuals need their privileges since they get a chance to attain the basics of living one's life which involves attaining education. Therefore, due to the positive effects that come along when one attains education, all individuals' right to education should be respected. A clear example of how education remained a priority was after the occurance of Hurricane Katrina, people were told to move elsewhere and the Bill of Rights was protected by the citizens. As a result, people were allowed to take up different levels of education. In a bid to bring this to accomplishment, governments should adopt and put in place different laws that work towards protecting rights regardless of one's race and traditions. Through protecting one’s right to education, such people get involved in different activities that uplift their way of living given the knowledge obtained while studying.

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