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Hrdlicka - The Peopling of the Earth Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


summarizing 'Hrdlicka - The Peopling of the Earth' into 330 words essay


Hrdlicka - The Peopling of the Earth
The peopling of Asia is a speech of Ales Hrdlicka, made in 1921 at the annual meeting of archeology society, where he detailed the evolution of man. Through his extensive research and travels from Western to Southwestern Europe, Mediterranean, Red Sea, India, Ceylon, Java, Australia, and South Africa.
Hrdlicka, started his speech on Wurmain glacial period, which the Neanderthal man was the only man present. However, the analysis revealed differences in the structure skull and skeleton. In, the postglacial period, there emerged a new transitional Aurignacian man, who migrated westward to Western and Central Europe, Southeastward into Palestine, Southward as far as Northern Rhodesia. The accumulated variable traits led to variants such as the yellow-brown, negroid, whites, and intermitted variants.

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