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Black Families in White America by Andrew Billingsley Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


essay on Racism in America


Black Families in White America by Andrew Billingsley
Black Families in White America by Andrew Billingsley, Prentice-Hall, 1968
The author has subdivided this book into four unique parts, each unit relates well to the author’s major theme, which implies that the Negro family set up can be comprehended well when seen as living within the Negro community. In the first unit, the author analyses critically what he perceives as a productive theoretical approach to a vivid knowledge of the Negro family known as social systems guideline. In the second unit, he considers the past and the current historical background data of the Negro family. Third subsection s concerned with different sources of achievement and the opportunities that are accessible by the Negros. The fourth unit deals with the shortcomings of the ways Americans perceive the Negros that has given rise to inequalities in the structural and cultural set up. The net result is the serious negligence subjected to the Negro community at large.

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