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Legalization of Marijuana across USA Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


this is an argumentative essay about the legalization of marijuana across the states of usa


Legalization of Marijuana across the Fifty States of the USA
In the recent past, there has been a common discussion in many countries of the world including the United States of America. The legalization of marijuana has been a topic for quite some time now. Some people argue that marijuana has a medicinal value and also used for recreational purposes hence creating a diverse discussion in many states of the USA regarding its legalization. Some people believe that marijuana should be medically approved for treating and preventing diseases (Kim et al., 2021). On top of this, this group of people argues that the drug can be a perfect alternative for expensive painkillers as it is locally available in many parts of the USA. According to this group, the legalization of marijuana is expected to lower medical expenses as the drug can provide a cheaper option.
Furthermore, various merits tend to prompt the United States government to legalize the availability of marijuana in the country. The advantages are outstanding based on their benefit to both the citizens and the national government. By legalizing medical weed in the United States, the government benefits from it by increasing revenue collection on the taxes and reducing the cost expenses associated while arresting non-violent weed users. On the other side, marijuana prevents glaucoma and also a treatment for nausea and vomiting. Paccula and Smart (2017) argue that there is a gradual increase in state budgetary cost in arresting non-violent marijuana offenders.
Farley and Orchowsky, (2019), highlighted a drastic decrease in the number of arrest cases associated with smoking marijuana offenses for over the past 60 months compared to those under arrest for abuse of other drugs like heroin. At present, clinical Maryjane is one of the primary options in contrast to regular torment relievers and prescriptions (Hill, 2015). Furthermore, Hill, (2015), detailed that medically, marijuana is verified by scientists to be a therapeutic drug. In addition to this, in case medical use of marijuana is legalized, it will help treat chronic pain and various psychiatric problems. Marijuana has a significant component that helps mitigate torment among patients with persistent conditions, tetrahydrocannabinol (T.H.C.). Surgeons have demonstrated that clinical use of marijuana can significantly decrease constant agony in patients experiencing sicknesses, such as malignant growth, diabetes, or coronary illness (Hill, 2015). Physicians are, therefore, urged to implement Hill's (2015) education programs to effectively create awareness of medical marijuana usage, following the increased number of patients diagnosed with chronic ailments.
Paccula and Smart, (2017), argue that the legalization of medical marijuana will help the US government in tax revenue. The appropriate side to support this argument is the "yes" side. There are countless advantages of getting the drug authorized in the medicine world. It is important to note that there are some legalized drugs such as cigarettes and even liquor that have no health benefits to humans but are lawfully accepted. On this note, there is no mischief in legitimizing marijuana, as there are various medicinal arguments that support its utilization. On top of this, if we were to talk about the social aspect, marijuana is useful in relieving genuine sicknesses like constant torment, malignancy, epilepsy, Alzheimer's illness, AIDS, and glaucoma.
However, from the legal perspective, there is a negative reason presented regarding the legalization of marijuana. In 2016 alone, 587700 individuals were arrested in the United States for criminal conduct due to marijuana consumption. This is a larger number compared to those who committed crimes without using the drug. Because of this, many legal bodies are against the legalization of this drug.

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