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Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace (Essay Sample)


Discipline: Composition, Title: Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace (Persuasive Essay)
Attached is requirements and rubric for the persuasive writing essay. You completed the annotation assignment in preparation for this essay. you could choose to use the sources from your previous assignment or identify new sources.
The sources need to be from scholarly articles. All sources must reflect key points.


Artificial Intelligence In The Workplace
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Artificial Intelligence In The Workplace
The advent of modern technologies and machines powered by artificial intelligence (AI) have continued to establish a firm presence in the workplace in the 21st century. Artificial intelligence refers to the work processes of machines that would necessitate intelligence if performed by humans (Wisskirchen et al., 2017). It therefore mimics human intelligence by applying algorithms created in a dynamic computing environment. An analysis by Wisskirchen et al. (2017) reports that artificial intelligence will have a significant impact in the global labor market in the next decade and will be the future of complex business decision making. Today, the advanced algorithms and data generated by both human beings and machines remarkably outpaces the human capacity to consume and make key decisions based on such algorithms or data. AI’s intelligence, big data, and information processing capabilities create a valuable potential for its transformation of the workplace.
Intelligent knowledge management systems are enhancing organizational productivity on a large-scale by increasing efficiency in day-to-day operations. According to Pereira et al. (2021), the data and information processing capabilities of AI make it the most promising arena for an efficient workplace. AI’s capability in data processing is infinite. It can: identify shifts in patterns, isolate trends, inform detailed reports, and perform deep content analysis. It has unlocked new levels to optimal decision making in the workplace. AI-powered tools ease administrative processes, allowing employees to focus on more complex tasks and deliver services in a timely manner. For instance, chatbots, which are a landmark development in AI, handle multiple basic customer queries thus achieving fast and timely customer support while streamlining the process for customer service employees (Yawalkar, 2019). AI is significantly contributing to performance appraisal and human capital management through AI-augmented human resource software. The nexus between AI and people management matches AI techniques such as deep learning and soft computing to improving task designs, reducing labor expenses, linking workers skills to tasks and job execution, and promoting virtual collaboration for remote workers (Pereira et al., 2021). Wearable technologies enhanced by AI in the workplace are redefining workflow efficiencies by enhancing communication, worker safety, and health and wellbeing (Yawalkar, 2019). Overall, AI is creating more efficient workplaces by streamlining functions and enhancing decision making.
AI has the potential to create more secure workspaces by enhancing data and information

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